There were 23 (!!!) fish caught on the Lower Dess beat whilst I was on annual leave. The largest was 12 lbs with several runners up around the 10lb mark. A Willie Gunn and various sizes of black fly assisted.
NOTE TO SELF: Take more holidays! The fish seem to oblige when I’m not paying attention……….

Early July has been busy and especially pleasing to report a grilse taken on 10th using a size 12 Executioner fly. The week prior yielded a 10lb salmon on a size 8 Cascade fly and in the last few days a very experienced team from the Test & Itchen caught two very decent salmon and 6 sea trout.

Now the river is very low but clear. The weather is conspiring against the fishermen with bright warm conditions but at least the farmers are delighted to be able to crack on with harvest. Wednesday is forecast to be wet all day but a week of rain is really what our ghillie really has in mind.



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