Storming to the end of the Season

Last week saw our guests catch 9 fish which brings the Lower Dess beat tally for the season so far to 106 – a pretty amazing total when you cast your mind back to all that Storm Frank threw at the Dee in January (see below the before and after photos)


Philippe came all the way from Paris to catch a 16lb cock salmon on a 2″ Flashy Willie

Later in the week a regular group of Dess tenants landed a total of 8 coloured Autumn salmon, including 5 on one day. This success was secured with an eclectic selection of flies (Red Francis, Sunray Shadow & a small Silver Stoat). The largest fish weighed 13lbs.

With two more weeks of the season remaining, we are hoping to improve on the current tally which has anyway far exceeded the final season count for 2015.

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